About Us

At PRIME Floral, we have assembled a team of highly talented, dedicated and hard working logistics professionals who assist our customers in arranging the transport of their floral products throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Shippers, growers and wholesalers utilize our consolidation, warehousing and cross docking services to prepare their products for transport with a select group of authorized motor carriers and/or brokers.

Our experienced team creates year round solutions, provides reliable customer service with a level of “Care Factor” that is second to none. These qualities along with help from our state of the art technology makes us your #1 choice for floral distribution services. Meet some of our valued Team members:

  • Steve Valdivia & David Taylor

    Steve Valdivia & David Taylor:  CA Operations

  • Samantha Park

    Samantha Park:  Special Projects Manager

  • Josh Barnes & Allen Johnson

    Josh Barnes & Allen Johnson:  CN Deliveries